About Vintage Dragonfly


Hey sis!

      I'm Milissa Pettey, the owner of Vintage Dragonfly Boutique: a place with a very special story, that I'm honored to share with you.

      In August 2013, my family suffered the tragic loss of our beloved Taylor, a son and brother. I had to dig deep to find the strength to support my family during this time, and it lit a fire inside me. I wanted to build a legacy. I knew I had to find a way to honor Taylor's beautiful energy! 

      I have always been passionate about fashion, and for years I would daydream of finding a way to bless others while also making my own dreams come true. I knew the power of a little bit of encouragement. Especially for women who had suffered a loss, regardless of what that loss may look like. Learning how to navigate life after a loss can be truly terrifying. But guess what? You will NEVER have to do it alone. Our boutique has character, not because of it's physical appearance, but because of the relationships that have blossomed from simply getting to know the women that come into Vintage Dragonfly!

      After many, many prayers and sleepless nights, I woke up one day and rented a small building. Impulsive decision? Absolutely. I learned how to believe in myself again and use what was a tragedy, for God's glory.

Why dragonflies?

      Dragonflies became a symbol of peace, growth, and transformation after losing our sweet Taylor. They helped us gracefully navigate life's storms and reminded us of our strength. When it came time to choose a store name, it was a no brainer!  Vintage Dragonfly actually started off as an upscale consignment store in 2016. However, nothing seemed to fall in line with my vision. While I loved tailoring to that market, a decision was made to close the consignment store.

      We moved to a new location and opened a quaint, yet vibrant boutique in the heart of our town, Sumrall, Ms. I have truly loved every minute of it!  I want every woman to see her beauty and strength. We all have it in us, sometimes you just need someone to spark that fire within you.

      Here at Vintage Dragonfly, our customers mean the world to us. It's crazy how much a little bit of small talk and positive words for a simple outfit can make a woman feel better about herself....and even open up. Many tears have been cried among these four walls. Happy and sad tears!

      With a store that is built on love, sweat, and tears...there's nothing that can stop us!  Dragonflies brought us together, and will forever keep us together.  Whether it is sharing our love for fashion or the meaning of our store, next time you see a dragonfly, just know, there is an angel watching over and you are stronger than you know. So if you're in town, come meet the fam! Can't come and see us? No problem - you can shop our collections online right here!  You are beautiful!